Language Learning Unites the World

But Traditional Language Learning is Broken
We're Here to Fix It

We've heard it all too often...

"I tried learning a language in school, but I still couldn't understand native-speakers after 4 years!"


"I tried out Duolingo, and it was fun, but I still can't speak the language and half the phrases I learned were nonsense!"

Or the worst one of them all:

"I guess I'm just bad at learning languages..."

We saw too many learners blaming themselves or using ineffective methods that took too long to see real results. 

That's when realLINGUA was born.

While teaching Spanish and French, our founder realized that most students wanted to just be able to speak the language.

They didn't care about the grammar, vocabulary they'd never use, and being able to write academic papers.

They just wanted to be able to speak to and understand native-speakers. 

Which is what we want to help you with.

The Team

Keith Phillips

CEO & Founder

Daniel Torres-Davenport


Bill Upton


Nicholas Cook


Shane Potgieter

Director of Product Development & Media Strategy

Marcella Leith

Director of Marketing